Grace's Fund Home
Grace's Fund will continue to provide funding for Grace's needs as she grows, covering the costs of any procedure, therapy, equipment or adaptations that will enable Grace to lead as independent a life as possible.
Here are some examples of how the money has / will be used to date and going forward:

Specialist Medical Treatment (i.e. Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy)

 Travel and insurance costs specifically relating to SDR (including follow-up visits)

 Intensive Physiotherapy Courses at the Footsteps Centre

Private Daily Physiotherapy Sessions

 Specialist Walking Aids (i.e. splits, walking frame, walking sticks, crutches)

 Therapy Equipment (i.e. benches, therapy balls, specialist bike)

 Specialist custom wheelchairs (i.e. Pantera lightweight wheelchair, snapdragon powerchair)

 Specialist pressure therapy suit from Jobskin