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Grace is a very happy little girl who loves spending time playing on the floor with her baby sister. However, her one wish is to "walk with my own feet" something that SDR could give her. On this page there is a little information, but for more details about the operation and the hospital please click on the link below:

On the 23rd July 2011 we found out that Grace had been accepted for life changing surgery at St. Louis Children’s hospital in the USA. The specialist proceedure is called Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy (SDR). This is a highly advanced form of surgery that involves cutting of some of the sensory nerve fibres that come from the muscles and enter the spinal cord. By eliminating the ‘bad’ movement signals coming from the brain, this procedure permanently eliminates / significantly reduces spasticity (tightness) in the muscles impacted, which results in huge benefits to the individual.
The doctor who has accepted Grace’s case has said that he feels this procedure would allow Grace to be able to walk with a frame or crutches, and even maybe short distances unaided.

This is the best possible news, everything we dreamt to hear. Now we just have the enormous and daunting task of raising the funds.

The SDR procedure (including flights, accommodation for 4 weeks, the procedure itself, post-operative physiotherapy and on-going therapy at home) costs around £50,000!!!
This photo shows Grace attempting to stand (with a little help from Daddy) before SDR surgery.