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A before and after video of a girl who had SDR

Footsteps Therapy
Dragonmobility Ltd
Marler Haley; who have made a wonderful banner for Grace’s fundraising events.
Jobskin - Kindly provided Grace with specialist lycra suits to aid core stability and positioning.
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Tree of Hope Children’s Charity - Kindly supporting our fundraising efforts.
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We re very excited to announce that Big Idea's Say What You See App raised a whopping £21K for Grace's Fund taking us to nearly to 50K. We are very grateful and we very much appreciate all the support we have been given so far. Ple, this is the first big step for Grace's future and our ongoing costs are VERY large, anything you can do to help would be greatly ase don't stop your fundraising effortsappreciated and will go directly to Grace's Care. Help Grace reach her full potential and just maybe one day she'll walk up to you and give you a hug! :-)

A link to this company who donated some wheels to us:

Click here to read an article about Grace’s Footsteps physio: